You’ve rewritten your manuscript how many times???



You’ve written the last word of your manuscript, so you’re done right? Wrong my friend, you are just beginning. Now comes the detail work, editing and rewriting until you’ve stripped it down, buffed it up, and having it sparkling.

The first version you wrote was a starting point, like the foundation of a house. If you’re a seasoned writer, maybe you have the beams and walls up, but there are some areas which need straightening up. Perhaps there was a decorators’ clearance sale and you “over decorated” your manuscript with every little detail you could think of. Now comes the time to look at the big picture and see what needs to get tossed out in order to create a pleasing, uncluttered read. Then again, you could fall into any number of types of writers in between.

No matter the case, know that rewriting and reworking your story is part of the process EVERY writer goes through. View it as an opportunity to make your work shine!




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