“When I approached Acorn Author Services I had no clue of the mechanics of writing. Although armed with a little flair with words and a determination to publish my story, I really did not know where to start. As a first time author my ego was very fragile and I had already shelved my manuscript months before due to some negative feedback from an online editor who basically told me my story would not sell.

Thank goodness for Shelly and Holly, who guided me through the whole process of writing my book, and built up my fragile confidence with helpful, constructive criticism.

From the start we worked extremely well together, and I found myself wanting to write more. My first non-fiction book, ‘Paranormal Intruder’ sold a little under ten thousand copies in the first six months of being self-published on Amazon. It went straight to No.1 in its category on Amazon in several countries and has spent a great deal of time there ever since!

Having been bitten by the writing bug, I continued my writing in the form of supernatural crime thrillers. Shelly and Holly have been of great assistance in helping me get my first fiction book to submission standard. I am now working on book two of the DC Knight trilogy and in talks with publishers. I really cannot thank Shelly and Holly enough, and remain good friends with them to this day.

My advice is, do not even think of self-publishing your book without getting it edited first. Acorn Author Services is very reasonably priced, and I am delighted to have made two new friends in Holly and Shelly who provide me with their ongoing support.” –Caroline Mitchell

I chose Shelly Stinchcomb, whose input on my book has been both thorough but at the same time thoughtful of my personal writing style. Based upon my past experience, I’ve worked with some folks who do the job but at arm’s length and others who prove they really do care and put everything they’ve got into the job. That’s been Shelly.

She’ gone above and beyond the task of content editing to help me with some of the grammar issues that recur in my manuscript while also sending over suggestions on how to best prep the book for launch.

As a result I feel I’m moving in the right direction on all fronts as I proceed to self-publish my project later this year. – Harrison Becket

“Working with Shelly was a true pleasure. She’s an exceptional editor. Her comments, thoughts and ideas will not change your voice but rather enhance it. In addition to identifying areas that need improvement, she will also clarify what she likes and why. That’s an important but often neglected part of constructive criticism, which proves that Shelly takes on a very professional and holistic approach to her work.

During the editing process, Shelly kept me updated on the development, as well as her reactions to my text. From day one, she created an air of collaboration, taking that little extra step to ensure my manuscript became the best it could be.

I’m delighted to recommend Shelly to anyone who takes their writing seriously and I will definitely use her services again for my next book.” – C.C. Mono

“Editing is an essential step in any writer’s journey. Shelly has helped me hone my story direction and tighten the details on more than one occasion. Feedback and direction from an unbiased and trained eye can make an enormous difference in the end product and―ultimately―the readers’ experience. That’s what makes editing so important―content editing in particular, which is the one often over looked.

Every writer needs editing. I’ve been very happy working with Shelly  at Acorn Author Services. It has become much more than a working relationship and I treasure it dearly. Just getting started and in need of guidance? Shelly is fabulous!” – Debra Kristi

“Working on my science fantasy novel, ILLUSION, with both Holly and Shelly was a great experience. Holly really pepped up each individual chapter–giving me feedback in both what she loved and what didn’t work for her. She took the time to explain WHY things didn’t work as well, instead of just throwing a bunch of writing rules at me. Shelly’s overall thoughts on the entire manuscript and detailed grammar checks made me sure that I had written my story the best way I could–and that it was ready for submissions.” – Christa Yelich-Koth