New testimonial by Caroline Mitchell…

When I approached Acorn Author Services I had no clue of the mechanics of writing. Although armed with a little flair with words and a determination to publish my story, I really did not know where to start. As a first time author my ego was very fragile and I had already shelved my manuscript months before due to some negative feedback from an online editor who basically told me my story would not sell.

Thank goodness for Holly and Shelly, who guided me through the whole process of writing my book, and built up my fragile confidence with helpful, constructive criticism.

From the start we worked extremely well together, and I found myself wanting to write more. My first non-fiction book, ‘Paranormal Intruder’ sold a little under ten thousand copies in the first six months of being self-published on Amazon. It went straight to No.1 in its category on Amazon in several countries and has spent a great deal of time there ever since!

Having been bitten by the writing bug, I continued my writing in the form of supernatural crime thrillers. Holly and Shelly have been of great assistance in helping me get my first fiction book to submission standard. I am now working on book two of the DC Knight trilogy and in talks with publishers.

I really cannot thank Holly and Shelly enough, and remain good friends with them to this day. My advice is, do not even think of self-publishing your book without getting it edited first. Acorn Author Services is very reasonably priced, and I am delighted to have made two new friends in Holly and Shelly who provide me with their ongoing support. –Caroline Mitchell,


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