Every day plot twists…

This morning I sat listening to a talk on “You can be anybody you want to be”. Next to me was an awkward young teenager. He chewed at his fingernails, or I should say the little nubs of what was left of his fingernails. With this task completed he moved on to picking at a spot on his blotchy leg. “Let it go, do not judge” was my inner mantra as I struggled to stay focus on the talk.

The talk concluded and we were requested to join in song before the wrap up speech. The song was, “How Could Anyone”, a song of special meaning during the time my mom was dying. With no prior knowledge this would be the song, I was left without the opportunity to prepare my suit of armor against the emotions. I wept with abandon until the last note was played.

This young man I had to focus on not being annoyed with leaned over to ask if I was okay and gave me a hug for comfort.

How was that for a plot twist on what I saw as his character?

What experiences have you had in life that you incorporate into your writing to bring it more depth?

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