Dialogue tags

There is, and likely always will be, an ongoing debate about dialogue tags.
Some editors/writers say you should only use, “said” because it is invisible to readers. Others say it’s okay to use words like, “yelled,” “whispered,” etc.
Here is my take on it.
I am an editor who believes that “rules” are meant to be flexible, and that most great books go against many rules. I believe in balance.
For me, “said” doesn’t disappear. It is neutral, neither adding or taking away, however it doesn’t disappear.
Tags serve the primary purpose of letting the reader know who is speaking. If there is a back and forth conversation and the reader can tell who is talking, no tag is needed, unless the tag provides a certain impact that needs to be done in a concise way. I prefer either for the dialogue itself to give the impact, or for there to be a physical action going with the dialogue to show the reader the emotion. The later is my preferred way as it puts the reader into the story. That said, I have seen authors over do it with showing through physical action…like after every…single…line…of…dialogue!!!
Okay, how many editors/writers did I drive nuts with the ellipses??? LOL
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