Congratulations to Acorn Editing Client John Condliffe

Congratulations John on the upcoming release of your latest book, “Daughters”. It was an honor and pleasure to work with you!

From John’s blog…

Daughters For You-Editing finally Over

The editing is finally over “Daughters” is in its final shape. Julie Athanasia from Legacy Books     (Sub contractor to JoJo Publishing my publisher) has completed her task. Backwards and forwards the manuscript has gone revising and making the little changes that count. It has been a pleasure working with Julie and now Daughters has gone onto the Graphic Designer.

Shelly Tegen from the USA  did the first editing job on Daughters last year and I must say she was also excellent to work with and helped me get the first draft into shape.

It is amazing really the amount of time it takes and people with so much talent who contribute to the making of a book. It is a humbling experience to go through this process. Thanks Shelley and Julie two remarkable editors and people.

Daughters For You

Love, Sex, Males, God, Religion, Relationships, You and the Future.  

“As I write this, I am a man entering his sixth decade. Getting older has certainly been interesting. Old age is often equated with the attainment of wisdom and experience. Whether I have the former is up to others to decide, and I had no choice in obtaining the latter…”
What started out as a letter to his four daughters has turned into a book outlining everything John Condliff wants his daughters to learn from his own experiences. He shares his thoughts on the topics of love, sex, males God, religion and relationships in this heartfelt book from a father to his daughters.
This book is for anyone looking to attain wisdom on these life issues, or as a gift where Condliff has put into words everything you would want your own daughter or granddaughters to know about these issues, but which only a lifetime of experience can realise.

Daughters should be out in the middle of the year .

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