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JessicaWe have a special treat today! One of our favorite clients, best-selling author, Jessica Therrien, is here with me to talk books. Jessica wrote OPPRESSION andUPRISING, books 1 & 2 in her YA paranormal romance/adventure series, CHILDREN OF THE GODS. She has another book in the series will be coming out soon.

Thanks for joining us today Jessica.

Thanks for having me J


I’m excited to ask you questions about getting your book published. It’s a big dream for a lot of our readers. So, I know ZOVA Books published your first two books. How much time did you spend sending out queries and approaching agents before you were picked up?

It felt like forever, but it wasn’t long at all. I got a good 10 rejections in a row. Thank goodness for ZOVA. I met them at a local writers’ conference and just got lucky.

I wouldn’t say it was luck you got picked up. Your writing is phenomenal and you have great content editors (wink, wink). That said, we know rejections are a part of the process. How did you handle those awful form letters that read something like, “Upon reviewing your query, it doesn’t feel like the best fit for me.”?

I bawled like a baby, of course. Doesn’t everyone? It really is the worse feeling, but it’s refreshing to know that all the greats probably got their share of rejections as well.

Yes, very refreshing. So Jessica, you finally get the answer you waited for. The Yes, you are awesome, we must have you. What surprised you most about working with a publisher?

I think right off the bat I was surprised by how many edits they had. We writers spend SO much time perfecting our manuscripts. When someone, especially a publisher, tells you they like it, you think they like it the way it is. I guess that is hardly ever the case. Rarely does a writer submit a flawless manuscript. Thankfully I got over myself, and the edits made the book a thousand times better. 

I have to ask, because our readers definitely want to know, what is the general profit margin for a best-selling author like yourself? How much do you make per book? Were you able to quit your day job?

Don’t confuse the words “best-selling” for rich, haha! That basically means it was a best-seller upon its release. It doesn’t mean it stayed a best-seller for months and months. I’m not sure I’m allowed to discuss the details of my contracts, but I don’t make very much per book (and neither do the many other best-selling authors out there). I was able to quit my day job, but part of that is due to my magnificent husband who supports me when I need him to.

Yay for supportive spouses! We writer’s really need them.

Now that you have been where the rest of hope to go, can you tell us, is there anything you would have done differently if you knew then what you know now?

Explore all your options and be patient. Don’t rush into publishing, do research, and do what is right for you. 

Great advice, especially considering the changing climate of publishing. Writers have so many choices these days. Any other advice for new writers?

Enjoy writing your way while you can. When you have a contract pushing you along, it takes some of the joy out of the process.

So true! One last question. Since we work pretty closely, I happen to know you are about half-way finished with your third book in the Children of the Gods series. Can you give us any juicy pre-release details on the characters?

 I can tell you something huge happens to Elyse that completely changes the way she leads her people. This book will include some big surprises for the readers.

Well I can’t wait to read your completed draft! You make my job as an editor easy. Thanks again for joining us today, Jess. I know you have your hands full with your beautiful baby boy and a book to finish.

 My pleasure, Holly. Anytime!

Any questions I didn’t ask Jessica that you wish I did? Let me know and I’ll see what answers I can get for you. In the meantime, I’m working on another interview to post soon with a top-selling self-published author. Stay tuned to find out what steps she took on her journey to success.

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