Acorn Author Services’ client signs book deal…

Congratulations to best selling Acorn Author Services’ client Caroline Mitchell on being signed by Bookouture for her second book, Deadly Suspect.

A psychopathic serial killer vows to return after his death and wreak revenge upon the detective responsible for his conviction – but Elizabeth Knight’s daughter Jennifer is left to inherit her terrifying legacy. Struggling to overcome a harrowing childhood, Jennifer masks her insecurities with bravado in the sleepy CID office of Haven. But her life begins to crumble around her as she discovers past murders are being replicated in present day. She finds herself very much alone as theories of a killer back from the dead fails to carry any weight with her Detective Inspector, who voices concerns for her mental health. As Jennifer pieces together the clues, it is clear someone close to her is assisting the killer. Someone that doesn’t want her discovering the truth. As the killer draws near, Jennifer must fight not only for her life, but her soul, as she comes up against the killer who is more dead than alive.”

You can learn more about Caroline, her current best seller (Paranormal Intruder), and her journey as an author at

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