Amazing new author – Jordan Sala Tenna

El Awake CoverIn the year 2115, Eleutherius (El) is struggling to find meaning in a city where most are strangely submissive and unquestioning towards the absolute rule of the merciless authorities. But after discovering the dark truth behind the white city, El ventures on a fast paced and thrilling journey to fight for the freedom of a people he once resented.

Guided by his now-deceased grandfather’s poems, El’s body and mind must be broken and reassembled, in order that he become stronger and accomplish the work his Grandfather began, all the while struggling against questions of morality and discerning who is friend and who is foe.

AVAILABLE NOW! Click here to purchase.

“The whole concept was very different to anything else I have read in a while and it was great to see fresh ideas come to life on the page. I got this book as a read for review and I will absolutely be purchasing the printed version, when it becomes available if it’s not already! Loved it!!!!!”   – Goodreads Reviewer (Joelie)

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